Profit Quotes + Sounds
Recorded + Edited by Laura W Petix
Last updated 12/12/02
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Unless otherwise stated, quotes are by Jim. Italicized text indicates a voice-over; non-italicized text is spoken dialogue.

Note: I've put a few of my old sounds back online. Enjoy.


TV Promo

Jim Profit was raised in a cardboard box. His only outside contact was a TV set. His entire life was shaped by the programs he watched. And they say television's bad for you.


1 Pilot

Gracen & Gracen is not just a company. Not to me, at least--it's a family.

Wow. What a dark view of humanity.

Bobbi: I'm a diabetic.
Jim: Well, then you shouldn't shoot heroin.

Jim: Bobbi, when are you going to learn to trust me?
Bobbi: Ah... how 'bout... never?

It's good to see Gail understands the basic nature of business: we adapt, or pay the price.

When you want someone to love you, open your heart. When you want someone obsessed with you... close it.

Sheriff: They lived way out in the middle of noplace... kid never went to school and didn't have no friends. Used to hear some weird stories about how Stokowski reared him after this first wife ran off. ...Stokowski had this big old ranch, but he was a cheap bastard-wouldn't hire no help. [??] a year old baby on his hands, so he just stuck him in a big old moving box... toss in food, clean it out once a week, kind of like he did for his horses and cows. The kid had something else... a hole cut out of the box so he could see the TV, day and night. Reared by a TV. Imagine that. Well, things didn't get much better after the father remarried. One time, a year, year and a half before the fire, got a call down to the hospital. Stokowski's boy, Jimmy. Sewin' up his hand.
Joanne: What happened?
Sheriff: Stokowski'd gotten drunk, pinned the kid down, picked up a knife and carved a cross on the back of his hand.... said the boy didn't have no religion.
Joanne: Which hand? Where'd he cut the boy?
Sheriff: Right, I think-on the back. A big old cross, deep and bloody.
Joanne, to Jack: That's what Bobbi has on him... the boy who set fire to his father... it's Jim Profit.

Jim: Joanne, one thing we have to remember: to forgive. You can't run from your past, and you can't run from yourself.
Joanne: And you can't run from me, you son of a bitch.

Well, ya can't expect everyone to like ya, and you can't expect everything to work out exactly the way you plan it... because life is full of surprises-you never really know what's around the next corner. But if you do the best you can, and you give 100%, then you can go to sleep with a clear conscience. What you didn't win today, you can always win tomorrow, and, remember, never lose sight of your goals. Because there are some people who are really worth that extra time and effort. And in the end, I believe, if you work hard enough... everyone comes around.


2 Hero

Know when to let go of what was and be certain that your focus is always on the moment and that your plans only concern the future, not the past. Of course, that doesn't mean you let others walk all over you.

Jim: You don't want to do that.
Elizabeth: Oh, yes, I do.
Jim: Oh, no, you don't. ...Um, for two reasons: one, I'm innocent-
Elizabeth: That's a lie! I don't need to hear the second!
Jim: -and... 'B,' think of your children.
Elizabeth: If you've done anything to harm my children...
Jim: I haven't done anything to your children. But you're about to.


3 Sykes

Joanne: Oh please, Jim, break down the door. Give me an excuse to blow your psychopathic head off.

Failure... it's a much better teacher than success. My failure was in underestimating my competition, which was far more complex and dangerous than I had suspected. I'll know better next time.

I'll be just fine.


4 Healing

I've been summoned.

Their marriage has a few kinks I'm trying to work out, which is why I introduced Pete to my stepmonster, Bobbi...

Hm. Isn't that always the way? Just when you're prepared to settle in and focus on one person, somebody else needs your attention. But the important thing to always remember in business is what may seem like a calamity can often become an opportunity. And opportunity is what life is all about.

You know, it got me thinking... perhaps I could use some therapy.

But in my experience, the worst way to get a straight answer is to ask an honest question.

But then, life ain't easy. It's both questions, pain, and people who have to be endured. [Offscreen, Bobbi: 'Hi!']

No, life may not be easy. It can be lonely-full of people we think we know, but barely comprehend. Yet we must always remember, it's the challenges that define us best and the obstacles that illuminate what we're truly capable of. We must welcome adversity and embrace struggle, and no matter what we get from life, never give less than 100%. Of course, at the end of every battle-weary day, we fold ourselves into peaceful darkness and find comfort in those gentle words: Good night.


6 Chinese Box

In business, the easiest thing to forget is someone's feelings.

Now, who better than my stepmonster to free Constance from her gilded cage?

On the other hand, some people actually love their mothers.

Jim: I'll bet when you were a little girl... she used to brag to all the other mothers about you.
Gail: I'd, ah... I'd sit at the window and I'd hear her on the porch, going on and on about how I was going to be this big success, make all this money... take care of her. Were your parents... like my mom?
Jim: No. My father... he never really expected much of me... so I guess I had it easier in a way.
Gail: Did you?
Jim: Well... it's getting late; we should talk.

I'm curious how Gail reacts under pressure. Will she panic, or obey?

An interesting test of moral character... one I never doubted she'd pass.

Gail: I thought revenge would feel good. And I'm sure that he deserves whatever he gets, but it doesn't feel right.
Jim: Of course it doesn't, Gail. Revenge is pointless: it's a tool for the weak. And you're not weak... not anymore.

The key to real success is to take all your fears and put them in a box and lock them away. Of course, not every evil can be tied up in a neat little package, but that's the challenge: to face our own personal darkness and put our demons where they can't hurt us anymore, and to do what we can to make the world... a better place.


7 Security

Security. It doesn't exist in nature. No animal is so arrogant as to ever feel completely safe. Only humans believe they can find assured well-being through design... and technology. Some even believe it with a vengeance.

Joanne: Be careful of Jim Profit. He's Chaz' Golden Retriever.

Betrayal. It can take many forms between a man and a woman.

You know, I think you could be a little bit more constructive. I spent a good deal of time on that.

Jim: Do you like TV?
Kelly: What?
Jim: TV. Television. Me, personally, I don't. But I do agree there are times when it can be awfully educational.

Kelly: How does it make you feel when you do this to people?
Jim: ...You tell me.

We all seek that other, a soul mate, the shadow self with whom we can merge seamlessly. But in that coming together, we risk losing ourselves. Everything becomes a blur, and we grow afraid, unsure... even distrustful. The danger, of course, is we never know who that other really is, what they want, or the lengths they'll go to to get it. In the end, it's probably best to go your own way, even though there will be times you long for something else.


8 Forgiveness

Family. It's everything.

My own upbringing was somewhat unorthodox, but it did teach me that most people do not appreciate what they have. Take Pete and Chaz Gracen. They're rich, powerful... and miserable.

Pete: Got much family, Jim?
Jim: No, I'm an orphan.
Pete: Count your blessings.

Chaz: You'll have to teach me how you developed such a clear mind.
Jim: Oh, I spent years living in a box.

Chaz: Forgive him? I want to cut his heart out and use it for pâté.

Nora: Do you think I'm evil?
Jim: None of us are saints.

Chaz: So, who's side are you on, anyway?
Jim: I'm on the family's side, Chaz. It's more important than any individual. It's more important than Pete, more important than me... it's even more important than you.

We all need one another... there is no getting around it.

Bobbi: Twenty minutes. They said at the hospital that you take it a day at a time, an hour--sometimes you just take it a minute at a time. That's what I'm gonna try to do from now on. Just take it as it comes. And how about you? You've got just about everything a person could want. So, what do you want now? What you've always wanted, ever since you were a little child in that box. More. Me too.
Jim: Bobbi, this isn't the time or the place for this.
Bobbi: God, yeah. It's the perfect time and place. All we have is right now. This moment. Come on, baby... you know I'm the only one for you. Love me. Right now.

When the smoke clears and you get right down to it, only three things really matter: your faith, your fortitude, and your family. Good night.

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