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Updated 3/05/05, Laura W Petix
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Facts + Fallacies:
Frequently asked questions and commonly misunderstood points

Episode Summaries:
Very brief episode summaries

Useful Facts:
Gracen & Gracen
Charles Gracen
Jack Walters
Pete Gracen
Mary Miller
Wayne Gresham
Jim Profit
Joanne Meltzer
Gail Koner

Useless Details:
Jim Profit

New, March 2005: Profit will be released on DVD on August 9, 2005! You can pre-order it now on Here's the release info at TV Shows on

New, 2005: Anchor Bay has announced that they are bringing Profit to DVD in 2005! They are planning a special collector's series package featuring new interviews and more. A late summer release is expected. Here's the news at TV Shows on

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