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Updated 10/18/98, Laura W Petix
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Steve McKay's Profit Site
Astral's Profit Site
The (Unofficial) Profit Home Page
The Unofficial Adrian Pasdar Fan Page
SALON: Monster in a Box
And We Have a Winner... Profit
Business Bashing: Fox's Profit Motive
TV On the Edge: Dialing for Dollars
Frode Storåker's Jim Profit Page
Suck: Hit And Run XXIX
Sun Newspapers: Tuned In
Television Cynic: Class Envy
People: Adrian Pasdar, Making a Profit
People: Refreshingly Cruel, Fox's Profit
TV Guide Insider Plus 04-08-96: Profit Motive
Time Magazine 4-22-96: Serial Power Monger
Stephen J. Cannell Online with People Magazine
Profit, Loss: Cancellation Denied Audiences the Best Episodes
Fortune 5-13-96: Profit Claws His Way Up Fox's Slippery Ladder
The Detroit News: Wealthy Anti-Hero Pays Off in Fox Drama
The News-Times 04-04-96: Profit Premiering
The News-Times 04-04-96: Pasdar Plays a Psychopathic Businessman
The News-Times 04-08-96: Profit Premiering
The News-Times 04-12-96: For Adrian Pasdar, Evil Turns a Good Profit
The News-Times 05-06-96: Fox's Wickedly Twisted Profit
The News-Times 07-11-96: Profit May Find New Life
Profit-crossover fan fiction: "There's Profit in History"
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