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All of this information is taken directly from the series. Spellings are in accordance with the closed captioning.
This information is extremely incomplete and is taken only from the first few minutes of the pilot episode. I will be updating it when I can.

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Gracen & Gracen, Inc.: Gracen & Gracen "is spearheaded by its agressive acquisitions policy and has a capital base of 14.8 billion dollars, making it the 15th largest corporation in the word." It has 38,000 employees worldwide.

Charles Henry Gracen: "Chaz" to his friends. Charles Gracen is the older son of Gracen & Gracen's founder and was promoted to CEO four years ago.

Jack Walters: President of Acquisitions at the start of the series. Jack had an affair with Joanne Meltzer when his wife left him; he and his wife are now back together, however.

Mary Miller: A Senior Vice President of Acquisitions.

Pete Gracen: The other Senior Vice President of Acquisitions, and Chaz's younger brother.

Wayne Gresham: A former Vice President of Acquisitions. "He was overworked, overweight, and, now, just plain over" after dying of a heart attack. Jim Profit is his replacement.

Jim Profit: The newest Vice President of Acquisitions. He used to work in the auditing department, and is a graduate of Wharton. Jim wants to be President of Acquisitions.

Joanne Meltzer: The head of West Coast security for Gracen & Gracen. According to her Keltner Personality Test, she is "fanatical in pursuit of a goal." Jim comments that "her obsessive personality is undoubtedly the result of a severe childhood trauma, but it serves her well as an investigator." In her spare time, she enjoys helicopter skiing (whatever that is) and Tai Chi, and she's a vegetarian.

Gail Koner: Jack Walter's executive secretary at the start of the series. According to closed captioning, but not mentioned in Jim's actual voice-over, she is "a loyal employee of three years and very devoted to her boss." Her mother has multiple sclerosis and Gail embezzeled small amounts of money from G&G in order to give her a better hospital room. Gail's lucky numbers were three, seven and nine until Jim Profit uncovered her scheme and blackmailed her.

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