Episode Summaries
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Based upon the BBC-TV episode summaries.
I will be adding more detailed summaries in the near future.

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1) Profit

Aiming to eliminate the reigning President of Acquisitions of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate for which he works, Jim Profit sets about leaking damaging information to the press which he hopes will lead to his own position being improved.

2) Hero

Jack Walters and security chief Joanna Meltzer delve into Profit's past. Meanwhile, Profit befriends Jack's vulnerable wife, who inadvertently provides him with the means to neutralise their threat and to advance his own nefarious plans.

3) Sykes

Profit is ordered to recruit the dynamic Jeffrey Sykes to Gracen & Gracen and to acquire the business holdings of a Russian mobster. Meanwhile, his stepmother and occasional lover is blackmailing him.

4) Healing

Charles Gracen determines to put an end to the conflict between Jim Profit and Joanne Meltzer by making them take lie-detector tests.

5) Cupid

Gracen & Gracen is close to signing an acquisition deal with Ray and Anna Kestrel. Ray backs out of the deal until Anna comes back to him, but she is reluctant to return and experience his abusive reign of terror for a second time, just to secure the deal.

6) Chinese Box

Profit must break away from Wong Industries to stop an FBI investigation.

7) Security

One of the workers in the security department turns out to be an undercover journalist writing an exposť on corruption within the company.

8) Forgiveness

When Pete Gracen decides to make a takeover bid for the company with his wife's uncle, she makes a startling revelation about him.

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